“And He has made …. every nation of men to dwell on all the face of the earth, and has determined their pre-appointed times and the boundaries of their dwellings”
Acts 17: 26

Also Numbers 34:12; Isaiah 10: 13

We thank you that You desire to bless the people of Europe, and we declare over every nation, this is the time to move into God given destiny.

We continue to speak out that Your thoughts are not our thoughts or Your ways our ways, and we submit to Your Spirit.

We decree and declare in the Name of Jesus, in the forthcoming EU referendum and beyond, the boundaries, borders and sovereignty of our nation; judicial, legislative, physical, spiritual, political and economic, will be marked out according to Your plan and purpose.

That which You would disconnect will be disconnected and that which You would connect will be connected.

Transformation: Family

“God is a father of the fatherless, a defender of widows, …He sets the solitary in families”
Psalm 68:6

In this turn around season, we decree and declare stable, healthy families will again become a foundation of society. We declare a fresh level of wisdom and leadership to husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, grandparents and foster parents that strong and loving homes will be established in this day. Proverbs 24:3

We speak health and healing to marriages and parent – child relationships, and wholeness to children across our land, that the power of Your love will bring change and transformation.

We declare Godly priorities into the lives of individuals and we speak the alignment of laws, court judgments, finances and social care with God given statutes.


We declare God’s plans are for good and not for evil and according to Jeremiah 29:7, we declare this nation will be a place of safety.

In the Name of Jesus, we declare a spiritual watch will be increasingly established in our land, and we call the church to a new level of watching and prayer.

We declare Your watchmen will be increasingly positioned over the high places of our nation, over our cities, borders, streets and over all high profile locations.

We decree and declare an increase of divine connections to civil authorities in this season.

And we continue to speak in Jesus Name, protection over transport systems, shopping malls and all places where people gather,

We declare You are the one in whom we put our trust.


As Your people we stand in agreement and declare in the Name of Jesus this nation is marked out in Heaven for Divine Purpose, and for the Kingdom of God to come in all its fullness. In the Name of Jesus, we decree and declare our Government will not be divided but united for Your purpose and plan.

We lift up the arms of all those who carry heavy responsibility within Government. We declare they will campaign with passion but not enmity, speak truth without exaggeration, and differ without damaging. We release strength, health and peace to them in Jesus Name.

We declare Kingdom values will overcome every strategy of the enemy to sow division into our nation, even within relationships and even within friendships. We release healing to damaged relationships and wisdom to men’s words.


We declare that as we worship and praise, “Your judgments already decreed, will be enforced,” in our lives and in the life of our nation.  We decree and declare a new season of radical worship and high praise will break out amongst Your people. Psalm 149: 6 – 9

We declare songs will be written to carry Your Presence, songs of Revival will be released and songs of Deliverance will sound across our land.

We call forth new houses of worship, new styles of worship, new worship leaders and new song writers.


“You will declare a thing, And it will be established; so light will shine on your ways”
Job 22:28

In the Name of Jesus, we declare Your people will have a fresh revelation of the power of prayer, that Your will be done on the earth. We put down our own agendas, we put down our own preferences and our own understanding, and we declare Lord, this is a day to listen to Your Spirit and we call people into Your Presence to hear Your voice and know Your ways. We declare that we will have a fresh level of alertness and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and fresh strength to persist.

We declare over the Church and over the nation at this time, “we do not have a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind.” We declare You are not the author of confusion but of peace. 1 Corinthians 14:33

Take a moment to repent if either of these things has touched your life concerning the referendum.

So, in the Name of Jesus, we decree and declare that as Your people pray and speak out Your word over the EU referendum, clarity will come, the crooked paths will be made straight and You will direct our paths.

Declaration for Protection

We declare God’s plans are for good and not for evil, so in the Name of Jesus, we enforce God’s original plans for peace, mercy and hope over and against every plan and purpose of Satan to bring death or destruction and we declare this nation will be a place of safety.

We declare You are the one in whom we put our trust.

“some trust in chariots and some in horses; but we remember the name of the Lord our God.”
Psalm 20: 7

We speak Your protection over our land. We speak Your divine wisdom and revelation to every member of our security forces and police force. We bless their marriages and families in the Name of Jesus.

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We declare that grace and truth come through Jesus Christ and we speak the revelation of Jesus into the lives of individuals, families, communities and all cultures in our land.

In this revival season, we declare Your people will speak Your word with fresh authenticity, compassion and boldness.

We decree and declare the voice of Your Church will be restored and renewed, that doors will be opened even in media, and that the message of Jesus in all its fullness will be released, individually, locally and nationally.

We decree and declare in this season: “truth will again spring up from our land and righteousness, right alignment, will reign down from heaven” Psalm 85:11


According to Your word, in Psalm 89:14 “mercy and truth go before Your face”, so in the name of Jesus we speak truthfulness, accuracy and clarity into every media outlet, social networking site, every aspect of Government and all marketplace environments.

We enforce truth into all news reporting at this time, and cancel every plan of the enemy to bring manipulation, deception or confusion.

We decree and declare that truth will be valued in this nation and be both the expectation and the experience of our society.

We declare this nation will again be raised as a display of Your righteousness upon the earth.


In the Name of Jesus, we declare those leaders that have been chosen and appointed by You for this season, both newly elected and already established, will rise to a new level of authority, wisdom and stature.

We release Your discernment and insight to them as they make appointments and choose advisors, that no scheme of the enemy will be established. We declare Godly advisors will be drawn to them and divine connections formed. Proverbs 11:14

We speak a shift to all planned legislation and policy, that momentum and alignment to Your purposes will be increased.