a longing fulfilled is a tree of life”

Proverbs 13:12

Lord, we decree at this breakthrough time, Your people will step into a fresh season of life as the hopes, desires and Kingdom dreams You have put within them are discovered and fulfilled.  We declare fresh joy and fruitfulness will both break out and become established in their lives. We speak over them that doors will open, connections be made and new paths revealed.

We declare in the United Kingdom, men and women will realise they have been created with purpose and destiny written inside them. We decree transformation will come to families, schools and communities as they discover, recognise and release God given purpose.  Ps 139:16; Ephesians 2:10

We speak to all those struggling with depression, addictions or suicidal thoughts at this time and we call forth the dreams and purpose You have for them. We decree and declare a shift from hopelessness to hope, will spread across our nation, in the Name of Jesus.


 “God the blessed and only Ruler, the King of kings and Lord of lords”

1 Timothy 6:15

We praise You for Your purpose and plan for the United Kingdom and for Europe that all the people will be blessed, and we declare the Lordship of Jesus over both the House of Commons and the House of Lords.  In the Name of Jesus, we declare the scope of the Bill to trigger Article 50, including every clause and sub-clause, will be legislated in accordance with Heaven, and we decree any aspect of the Bill or any attempted amendments that would harm Your plans for the UK will be turned around for good. Genesis 50:20.

We call every thought, word and action of the members of both Houses regarding the Article 50 Bill, into alignment with Your thoughts and Your ways. Proverbs 16:3

We acknowledge You are the Sovereign God, You rule over the nations, and You have a time for everything under Heaven. We decree and declare this Bill be published at Your appointed time, unhindered by the plans of man or of the enemy.


‘I have this day appointed you to the oversight of the nations and of the kingdoms to root out and pull down, to destroy and to overthrow, to build and to plant.’

Jeremiah 1:3

Even as a pulling down of old structures and alignments is taking place, we stand as Your Ekklesia in this land and we decree in this nation that a fresh building anointing will come upon Your people in every sphere of society. We speak Your anointing upon churches that new wineskins will emerge, equipping and releasing Your people and we decree as the effects of shifts in Government through Brexit take shape, every void will be filled by Your counsel, Your governance and Your blueprints.

We decree this nation will be at the centre of Your purpose and destiny, that we will be a display of Your glory to bless the nations. We thank You for the watchman anointing upon Theresa May and as she meets with world leaders this week, specifically Donald Trump and President Erdogan, we decree and declare she will carry Your wisdom and authority at all times.

We declare in the United Kingdom the boundaries and borders will be set for every individual, short term or long term, according to Your purpose and plan, Godly trade agreements will be put in place, and hope, joy and peace will overwhelm all fear and uncertainty.


And God said to Moses “I AM WHO I AM”

Exodus 3:14

Lord we decree and declare over this nation – this is a season of breakthrough.

We come into agreement with Your word in John 14 :14 “Ask anything in my Name and I will do it.” and we thank You that You are the God who answers prayer, “exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think” and we thank You for the power of revelation to shift and position us for breakthrough.

Now in the Name of Jesus we speak a refreshing over the prayer lives of Your people. We speak fresh expectation and a new hunger to seek Your face and we declare the place of prayer will become a place of revelation. Ephesians 3:20

We thank You for the inheritance of prayer in our nation, we thank You for the houses of prayer that are emerging and for the new prayer nets. We speak an increase to every prayer movement, to prepare the ground, breakthrough in the heavens and spearhead revival and transformation in our land.

American Presidential Inauguration

“Behold I do a new thing! Now it springs forth; do you not perceive and know it and give heed to it. I will even make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert”

Isaiah 43:19

Lord we speak over America today – Your plans are for good and not for evil, that this new season has a new reason.

We lift up Donald Trump to you and we thank You for the Godly inheritance within his family and for the prophetic words over his life.  In the Name of Jesus, we decree that as he is inaugurated into the United States Presidency, Your hand and Your mantle will come upon him.

We call him into Your will and into his destiny that You will make him and shape him, that he will speak Your words and fulfil Your desires.

Even as all authority is established by You, we decree through this president and his team, Your laws and Your standards will be put in place; that you will lead them and guide them, that they will work with transparency, integrity and honour and we speak Your wisdom to them in the Name of Jesus.

We decree and declare that in the days ahead You will position America according to Your will and purpose for the days ahead.


“those who plan for peace are filled with joy”

Proverbs 12:20

We thank You for the inheritance in Northern Ireland of those who have been willing to stand up for belief and principle.  We praise You for the peace that has come to Northern Ireland in the past years and honour those who have worked together, overcoming prejudice and hatred.

In the Name of Jesus, we decree that in Northern Ireland the heart of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the foundational truths of the gospel and the message of the gospel will be released with great power, unhindered by the thoughts and ways of man. In this day of the impossible becoming possible, we declare the love of the Father and salvation through Jesus Christ will transform individuals, families and communities, healing every political and religious divide.

In this season of elections and as the implications of Brexit for Northern Ireland are debated, we call Your watchmen and your Ekklesia into place and we decree over the Stormont elections “of the increase of Your Government and peace there will be no end” Isaiah 9:7


the gospel must first be preached to all the nations

Mark 13:10

We praise You for the heart of the Gospel of Jesus Christ; we praise you for the foundational truths of the Gospel and for the message of the Gospel.

We decree and declare in this year 2017, every historical addition, the add-ons of religion and the rules of man will fall to the ground, that the authentic Gospel of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom will resound across this land in simplicity and power. We confess and renounce where these have hindered or divided your people, and we decree from this time in this nation, there will be a fresh unity within Your body.

We thank you for uniqueness of God given gift, call and vision, and we decree and declare that the Body of Jesus Christ will arise in this nation, in full glory, with Jesus at the Head. We come into agreement with Amos 9:13 and we decree “the days are coming, when the ploughman shall overtake the reaper”

Government – Europe 2

In view of the fact that Theresa May has announced that she will be delivering a policy speech on Brexit next Tuesday, we thought it appropriate to repeat this subject.

“know also that wisdom is like honey for you. If you find it, there is a future hope for you, and your hope will not be cut off”

Proverbs 24:13,14

We thank You that You desire all the nations of Europe shall have a future and a hope, so in the Name of Jesus, we decree right, fair and just outcomes for the United Kingdom and all the nations of Europe as Brexit is negotiated.  We declare as Your people pray, You will do more than we ask or think.

We speak Godly authority, Godly wisdom and creative ideas to Theresa May, David Davis, Liam Fox and Boris Johnson. In the Name of Jesus, we decree and declare every agreement, relationship, covenant, bill or treaty that was for the last season will be replaced and renewed according to Your perfect will.  We decree immigration, trade, and justice policies will be set according to Your purpose and plan and we call forth Your strategy for every aspect of Brexit.

We thank You for every minster, every MP and every civil servant. In the Name of Jesus, we decree the national Assemblies of Northern Ireland and Wales, the Scottish Parliament, and the UK Parliament will be united behind Your purpose and design. We continue to declare that Article 50 will be activated in Your perfect timing.

We praise You that in this day You are shaping nations, and we put out trust in You.


“therefore I say to You, whatever things You ask when you pray, believe that You receive them, and you will have them.”

Mark 11:24

In the Name of Jesus, we decree and declare a new level of vision and expectation will arise, that as Your people increasingly set their eyes upon Jesus, they will see possibility instead of failure, potential instead of difficulty and solutions instead of problems.

Lord, we thank You for all the potential of 2017, and we declare over individuals, families, communities, towns and the nation, Your desire for the Kingdom of God to be manifest is “exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think ” Ephesians 3:20

Now, we decree and declare, those in public office in this nation will have freedom of choice to believe as well as not to believe. In the Name of Jesus, we decree every oath proposed concerning British values, will align with the foundational values of Your Word, Your Truth and Your Statutes.

The City of London 2

“ Solomon accumulated chariots and horses; ..imported from Egypt and Keveh…. the royal merchants purchased them from Keveh at the current price.  They also exported them to all the Kings of the Hittites and of the Arameans.”

2 Chronicles 1:15, 16”

Even as we recognise the inheritance of trading in this nation, especially through the City of London, we come into agreement with Your Word that “a good person leaves an inheritance for their children’s children but a sinners wealth is laid up for the righteous.”

We stand on behalf of all financial transactions and activities that have taken place within the City of London, and we confess and renounce every unrighteous act and ungodly motivation, both from the past and in recent days. – Take a moment to ask the Holy Spirit to bring to Your mind anything He is desires you to confess concerning the City.

We decree that in this world financial centre, the desire to accumulate wealth will not be out of greed, selfish ambition or to benefit the few only, but righteousness and integrity will become the hallmark of every activity within its boundaries, and Kingdom principles and purpose become the real and active working practise in the days ahead.

Now, in the Name of Jesus, we decree and declare over every negotiation concerning the future of the City and the location of its Banks and financial services after Brexit, this nation will leave a good inheritance for the generations to come.  We speak revelatory wisdom to all concerned that every reorganisation, restructuring, repositioning, and relocation will be in alignment with Your perfect will and design.

We acknowledge Your Sovereign will and purpose, that You rule in love and truth over the nations.