Election and Government 1

Lord, we declare this nation is marked out in Heaven for Divine Purpose, and we decree and declare the increase of the Kingdom of God in this election season, in the Name of Jesus.

We declare Parliament, this gateway to our nation, will come into God given order, recognising and submitting to the Higher Authority of the King of Kings and the Ancient of Days. We speak a shift in the Name of Jesus.

Even as “a great and effectual door has opened to me, and there are many adversaries” 1 Corinthians 16: 9

We call Your people to recognise the opportunity of these days, that fresh vision and fresh faith will overcome every weariness. That we, Your people will seek Your face and Your will, that the God given potential of this season will be fulfilled.

NB Tonight: Worship, Prayer and Declaration over the Government and Election. Wembley Christian Centre starting at 7.30pm. Address – Carlton Ave East, Wembley HA9 8LX

Also, online prayer meeting Wednesday morning at 7.30am, accessible either via the internet or by phone. If you would be interested please email us at info@pftn.uk. and we will send you the link.



“behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity”

Psalm 133:1

Lord, we declare in this nation Your people will be united, that Your desire for the fullness of Your love, from Your people and between Your people, will be fully released; melting, overwhelming, saturating, indelibly marking and spreading throughout the United Kingdom.

the watchmen who go about the city found me…”  Song of Songs 3:3

Even as love protects: we thank You for all those You have called to physically watch over our streets and in our communities; police, security services and the military. In the Name of Jesus, we declare they will be supported by prayer, protected by wisdom and honoured by community.  We speak Your peace to their families in the Name of Jesus.

We continue to lift up Amber Rudd and Theresa May that a clear mantle of wisdom and authority will rest upon them, that they might know Your ways and Your thoughts at this time.

Reminder: An evening of Worship, Prayer and Declaration on Tuesday May 30th. This will be focused on the Government and the Election at the Wembley Christian Centre starting at 7.30pm. Address – Carlton Ave East, Wembley HA9 8LX


In the Name of Jesus, we release hope, healing and comfort to all those affected by Mondays terrorist attack: victims, families, young people and all the emergency services.

We come into agreement with Your word, “you shall declare a thing and it shall be established”.  Job 22:28

As Your Ekklesia, we stand and declare over our nation “God’s plans are for good and not for evil”, so in the Name of Jesus, we enforce God’s original plans for peace, mercy and hope over and against every plan and purpose of Satan to bring death or destruction and we declare this nation will be a place of safety.  We declare You are the one in whom we put our trust “some trust in chariots and some in horses; but we remember the name of the Lord our God” Psalm 20:7.

We declare to every enemy cell, group, network and structure that exists within our communities, regions and nation – relationships will falter, arguments and disagreements will increase and funding structures, recruitment structures and internet connections will dissolve.

We speak light into every dark place, that every plan or plot shall be discovered and defeated.  Those who work and plan death and destruction shall not be hidden but discovered.  Job 12:22-24; Job 34:22

We speak life to the heritage of the Gospel within our land – that the Godly foundations within our society, from the value of human life to compassion, truth and mercy through Jesus Christ will be both remembered and restored, overwhelming every other value system and the love of Jesus be manifested within our land. Luke 19:9


Now then, you and all these people, get ready to cross the Jordan River into the land I am about to give you (them)

Joshua 1:2

Lord we decree and declare Your people will recognise the power of a new season, and Your desire to bless within it. We declare across this land Your people will cross over into all Your Spirit is doing in this day, taking hold of the new, shifting into current purpose and re-engaging in the battle.

We declare hearts will be healed, as every spirit of shame and every spirit of blame is swept aside as a fresh revelation of Jesus comes upon Your people.

We come into agreement with Your word in 2 Corinthians 1:4 “to comfort others with the comfort we have received,” that healing will come to lives, families and communities.

In the Name of Jesus, we call forth a new season of bringing healing to the land, that every root and foothold of the enemy will be removed.

Election: We speak Your healing to those who have been wounded by past Government policies or by the referendum result. We stand in the gap for our nation and we repent of every ungodly word, policy or law that blocks or reverts Your sovereign destiny for the UK. (take a moment to listen to the Holy Spirit)   We decree and declare this nation will unite behind Kingdom purpose and plan, rediscover God given identity and be positioned for the advancement of Your Kingdom.

United Kingdom

“how good and pleasant it is for us to live together in unity! It’s like precious ointment poured on the head, running down and consecrating the whole body. …releasing the blessings of God…”

Psalm 133

Lord, we thank You at this strategic and pivotal point in time, for the opportunity for the United Kingdom to display Your righteousness and Your Glory and we thank You for every shift, change and increase You are releasing from heaven.

As Your Ekklesia, irrespective of personal choice, we decree the United Kingdom will be shaped, designed and connected according to Your perfect plan and purpose. We decree that which You have built in the past season will not be divided or altered accept according to Heavens instruction. In the Name of Jesus, we declare Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and England will function and govern in unity and strength according to Your mandate, laws and statutes.

We speak Your blessing to each of the nations to discover God given identity and to prosper & flourish in their uniqueness.


We declare in the season ahead a legacy of Godly government will be re- established in our Nation.

According to Your word in Psalm 145:4” One generation shall declare Your works to another”, we decree and declare a fresh awareness to Your young people of the Godly heritage within our political system, of the Biblical foundations under it and of the principles released through it.

We decree and declare young people in our Nation, towns, churches and families will have an understanding of the times and seasons, and of the power of choice. We speak maturity to them in their political awareness, engagement and voting.

In the Name of Jesus, we declare an increased rising up of those who will pioneer and stand for Godly principles and for the good of the people, and we speak favour and divine revelatory wisdom to those already positioned.

N B Find out the candidates for the coming election within your own constituency, pray for a clarity of their values and purpose to emerge, and that the person God has called for this Parliamentary term to become clear..


There can be no revival (recovery) of Europe without a spiritually great France and a spiritually great Germany

Winston Churchill 1946

That all of them may call on the name of the Lord, to serve Him shoulder to shoulder
Zephaniah 3:9

We come into agreement with Your word, that “You appoint authorities and leaders over us

We declare as Emmanuel Macron takes his Presidential role, Your supernatural wisdom and anointing will align his thoughts, plans and priorities according to Your purpose and design. We thank You for every inheritance of truth in his life, we call it forth in Jesus Name, that Your Spirit and Your calling will overwhelm every ungodly political or social agenda and we release him into the fullness of who You created him to be. We declare every appointment and advisor to Emmanuel Macron will be filled with men and women of Your choosing.

We decree and declare Your desire is for France to have not only a renaissance but a Spiritual revival, that she will recover her moral and spiritual voice, releasing hope, strength, economic and Spiritual revival to the people.

For the United Kingdom, we speak Your divine revelation to every Investigative force concerning Internet Security, Home Security, Antiterrorism and Election processes. We take hold of Your word in Romans 8:28 and we decree over our nation, as Your people increasingly seek Your face and discover their purpose, the plans of the enemy will be thwarted and solutions discovered and released, in Jesus Name.

Declaration – Cyber Attacks

“Can’t you hear the voice of Wisdom? From the top of the mountains of influence she speaks into the gateways of influence, she speaks into the gateways of the glorious city”

Proverbs 8:1

We decree across this land Your people will recognise the urgency of the hour, strategically positioning that they may rise into the fullness of who You have made them to be. We declare across this nation they will have a fresh revelation of Your call on their lives to be Light in dark places and of the power of Your Spirit within them.

Now in the Name of Jesus – we declare that You desire that people will live in peace, (health, safety and wellbeing), that Jesus healed all those who came to Him. Luke 6:19

We decree a quick resolution of every effect of the cyber-attack against our health service. We speak Your wisdom and understanding to all those involved in resolving this situation, that solutions will be found, patient records released and full services restored. We speak Your protection and healing to all those affected by this event.


“If My people, who  are called by My name will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and heal their land”

2 Chronicles 7:14

the people of Judah came together to seek help from the Lord, indeed they came from every town in Judah to seek Him” 2 Chronicles 20:3

We praise and thank You for the inheritance of prayer You have put within our land. We thank You for every answer received and every miraculous turnaround experienced individually, locally and nationally in the past season. We speak refreshment to those who have grown weary.

Now, in this day of opportunity, we call Your people into Your Presence, to hear Your voice and to understand Your ways, that the power of prayer will be exercised and increased across this land spearheading a move of Your Spirit which will transform individuals, spheres and regions.

We come into agreement with Your word in Proverbs 24:5 “Wise strategy is necessary to wage war.”  We decree and declare every strategy You are releasing from Heaven at this time, will be heard, implemented and protected, in the Name of Jesus.

We continue to declare over the Election process: truth will be heard, those You have appointed elected and Parliament shaped and designed according to Your will. We lift up the arms of Theresa May and all those carrying heavy responsibility at this time, that they will know Your thoughts, Your strength and Your wisdom.

NB. We would like to encourage you to join us online on Wednesday mornings between 7.30 and 8am during the election season. It is really easy, please email us on info@pftn.co.uk and we will send you the information to be involved. You can join us for the whole 30 minutes or just a part of it.

Have you looked at our shop recently? We have added a new version of “Declarations to Change a Nation” which has been adapted for use outside the UK.


“Buy the truth, and do not sell it, also wisdom and instruction and understanding”

Proverbs 23: 23

We thank You for the power of Your word in our lives You are releasing to bring wisdom and understanding.

In this day, we decree a new hunger for Your truth according to Your word will come upon Your people, that every promise given to us through Your prophets and according to scripture will be released in all their fullness in our land.

We come into agreement with Your word in Isaiah 28: 17, 18 “I will make ….righteousness the plumb line…” and declare  in this nation spiritual truth and moral truth will align with the standard of Your Word, that wholeness and wellbeing shall come to the people, strengthened and supported by the laws of our land.

We speak a shift in the Name of Jesus.

We declare grace and truth come through Jesus Christ, and we release a greater revelation of His goodness and kindness to every age group, ethnic group and social group, in Jesus Name.

Apologies to those who may have missed this declaration  from Friday:

In this General Election season:

We thank You for every shift in perspective concerning media we are seeing at this time and we declare in this nation truth will increasingly be valued, expected and become the experience of our society.

According to Your word, in Psalm 89:14 “mercy and truth go before Your face”, so in the Name of Jesus we speak truthfulness, accuracy and clarity into all election campaigning and media coverage.

Even as You have called this nation to display Your righteousness, we decree and declare this election will be marked out by the desire for truth cancelling every plan of the enemy to bring manipulation, deception or confusion.

Above all, we cry out for the release of Your Spirit of Truth in our land, that the Name of Jesus will be lifted up.