Brexit Timings

We declare over every significant meeting in these few days affecting the future of this nation, including the Prime Minister’s meeting in Florence and the start of the Labour Party Conference, – You are the Highest Authority in Heaven and Earth– and we decree and declare Great Britain will move according to Your purpose and plan.

As Theresa May delivers her speech, we declare “You will make the crooked places straight” and in the Name of Jesus, we call forth a spirit of reconciliation amongst all the leaders of Europe that Your Kingdom purpose will overwhelm any ungodly political, vengeful or social agenda. Isaiah 42:16

We decree Heavens schedule over every negotiation, that every log-jam, every deadlock and every delay caused by man or the enemy will be released, and we speak a convergence of these negotiations, and any agreement on a transition season, with Your appointed timings.  Ecclesiastes 3:1

Brexit – trade

“For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.”

Jeremiah 29: 11

According to Your word, we declare You desire that this nation will be blessed and not cursed, lend and not borrow and we honour You as the Alpha and Omega who rules over the nations in love and truth. Deuteronomy 28:12

In the Name of Jesus, we decree right, fair and just outcomes for the United Kingdom and all the nations of Europe as Brexit is negotiated.

We decree and declare all Treaties and Agreements relating to international trade will be completed according to Your timing, plan and design, and we speak peace, wisdom and stability to industries and companies affected by this season of change.  We decree and declare in this nation, businesses, industry and manufacturing will flourish, and we speak protection over them in the Name of Jesus.

We speak into our regions and cities, and declare jobs will be created, businesses will prosper and entrepreneurs will be released. We call forth vision, skill, and investment in Jesus Name.


Lord we declare ”You are the judge, the lawgiver and the King” Isaiah 33:22

As Parliament reconvenes this week, we thank You for those You have positioned for this time, irrespective of party allegiance. We speak Your strength, Your wisdom and Your mantle of authority upon them, that Your voice will be heard, clearly sounding above and beyond every other voice.

We thank You for the ministers, politicians, and civil servants willing to serve the nation, and we call them into alignment with Your heart and with Your plans. As the Repeal Bill comes onto the agenda and the significance, depth and scope of the task becomes evident, we declare over all MP’s, God given wisdom and understanding of the material and legislation before them.

We declare through this Bill, Parliament – this gateway to our nation, our judicial system, our economy and trade, and all matters of society will come into God given order.

We decree the increase of the Kingdom of God over all legislation, in the Name of Jesus.

This declaration has been taken from our new book, “Declarations over Brexit” which is available now from our website. It contains Brexit related Declarations covering topics from understanding for our MP’s to the Repeal Bill and ongoing legislation, the Brexit Bill etc. They are non-political and Kingdom based.

 I hope you find them useful.


This grace was given in Christ Jesus before the beginning of time…but it has now been revealed…” 2 Timothy 1:9

We declare over our Parliament, over the EU and over all those involved in Brexit negotiations; the Lord God, is the Master Planner of heaven and earth. His plans are for good and not for evil, greater than every plan of man or the enemy to bring confusion, division or hopelessness.

We come into agreement with His word, He is “The God who gives life to the dead and calls into being that which does not exist”. We stand as Your Ecclesia and in the Name of Jesus we call forth the strategies of heaven over all matters concerning Brexit. We declare they will be seen, heard, endorsed and enacted by those called to policy making at this time.  Romans 4:17 Amp.

In the Name of Jesus, we decree and declare the policies, treaties and concessions agreed between the UK Government and the EU negotiating teams, will be legislated according to Heaven, and bring convergence with every God appointed time.


There is an appointed time for everything and a time for every delight and event or purpose under heaven

Ecclesiastes3:1 AMP

In this season of change, we declare over this nation, God will complete that which He has begun, according to His plans and His purposes. He will lead us through the days ahead and He will make the crooked places straight. We declare this nation will be positioned in the centre of His desire for the season ahead and we resist all confusion in the Name of Jesus. Isaiah 42:16

We acknowledge You are the Sovereign God and the Master Planner, You rule over the nations, and our times are in Your hands.

As we transition, we decree and declare this nation will be lined up with Your perfect will and timing and we decree Heaven’s schedule over every negotiation involved in Brexit and every aspect of the transitional period, that no plan of man or the enemy will alter either Your timing or Your purpose.

We decree and declare the decisions of the UK Government and the EU negotiating team, will be legislated according to Heaven, and bring convergence with every God appointed time. We decree any subsequent debates, amendments or decisions, introduced by the UK Parliament, MEPs, Member States’ Parliaments or Devolved Governments, that would harm Your plans or Your schedules for the United Kingdom, will be turned around for good, in the Name of Jesus.