Latest Declaration

  • Moving Forward

    ‘Of the increase of his government and peace there will be no end’   Isaiah 9:6,7 We speak health instead of sickness, life instead of death, prosperity against all lack in matters concerning finance and the economy, and that in these days of shaking, many will turn to Jesus. We declare as lockdown eases and transition begins, a spirit of peace (prosperity, safety and well-being) will rest upon the cities, towns and streets of this nation. We speak the revelation of the triumph of God’s mercy over every individual, ministry, businessman or market place leader struggling at this time and we declare His people will arise and take hold of the grace and strength He is releasing from Heaven at this time. We decree and declare that His mercy and His grace will overwhelm every self-judgment, the judgment of others, every feeling of failure, despair, disillusionment or loss, that fresh joy, …Read More