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    “Wisdom can make anyone into a mighty warrior. And revelation knowledge increases strength. Wise strategy is necessary to wage war”  Proverbs 24:5 We decree and declare over this nation, this is the day for the spiritual warriors to arise, those carrying heavens strategies, mature men and women, filled with wisdom and understanding whose hands have been trained for battle.  We declare they will be motivated and strengthened by the Father’s powerful love, having cast out fear, that His salvation, freedom and mercy will come to this land. Proverbs 16:32; 1 Chronicles 12:8 Now, even as Jesus rebuked the wind and the waves saying  ‘Quiet! Be still!’ so the wind died down and it was completely calm’, we speak to the storm across this nation saying ‘Peace! Be still!’ We stand as the Ecclesia in this land, and concerning the coronavirus, we decree this virus will not have free rein within this land, and we speak a …Read More