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  • Transformation

    Please Note: Hi everyone, thank you to all those who have written in to ask for the Declarations over London. We are sorry to tell you,  the Four Winds of Worship event which was to be held on Friday 24th May, has had to be postponed. If possible we want to co-ordinate with this meeting, so we will keep your requests until we have more news. Blessings Suzanne   ‘Then may the awakening breath blow upon my life until I am fully yours. Breathe upon me with Your Spirit wind’. Song of Songs TPT We declare as the winds of God’s Spirit blow across this land, the fullness of the revival and awakening You desire for this nation will be released.  We speak healing into the regrets, the failures and the wounds of the past, and we decree and declare in the name of Jesus, Your people will move from …Read More