A Day to Stand with London, to Bless, to Honour and to Declare God Purposes for the Days ahead.

Resounding above all the noise and confusion of today’s world, is the Kingdom call. A time for the Kingdom to come in all its glory and fullness, embracing the call for salvation, but also bringing righteousness, mercy, truth and justice to the earth.

The DNA of God’s Kingdom is very different from the worlds’ systems and kingdoms, and yes, it is a Spiritual Kingdom, but it will touch and affect every part of society. If you look into this more deeply, this is the foundation which has made this nation envied around the world, the freedoms we have enjoyed, the expectation of truth and honesty, the value put upon life, the freedom of religious belief and more, even if we are aware of these values being eroded in recent years.

God is moving, and He appoints times and seasons, and even as God is shaking this nation, His Spirit is breaking out in different places and in different ways.

Against that background, this is London’s time – it is part of a prophetic season for London, and what happens in London affects every other place in this land, as well as touching the nations.  I felt God clearly gave me July  12th (12/7) is also a significant date, Biblically, and very simply 12 – the number of government, 7 – the number of fullness, Historically July 12th  historically the Battle of the Boyne.

Please listen to the 7 min video if you have not already done so, which is on our website, as it speaks so much more about the influence of London.

There is also a strategy described – making declarations on the hour every hour, between 6am and 6pm. These can be found here.

I do emphasise though, this strategy is not intended to be a limitation, use the declarations however you wish; if you could choose to gather to worship too, that would be amazing.

Love London had been organised by Passion for the Nation.

Thank you all for committing to pray for London for this one day.


This was not part of the original plan, but God has made it clear that we need to gather ourselves to Worship and we will therefore be meeting at the Wembley Christian Centre; Carlton Ave E;  HA9 8LX; between 7.30pm  and 10pm.  Steve Abley will be leading us, and I believe God has given me something quite specific to release that night – please do consider coming!!

For those who live in South London, there will also be a gathering for Worship and Declarations at Destiny House, 117 Thurleigh Road, SW12 8TY. You can join them anytime between 6pm and 10pm. (Destiny House is 6mins walk from Clapham South Station. Please call 0208 6731312 if planning to attend.)

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