Passion for the Nation The Passion for the Nation Podcast

2021-07-07Alignment of Nations
2021-07-07Women Arising
2021-07-07Raising a Banner
2021-07-06Flags, Covenants & Vows
2021-04-09Part 3: Walking in Personal Dominion
2021-04-09Part 2: The Roman Connection
2021-04-08The Dominion Mandate in a new Era – Part 1 Moving Out


This podcast takes the time to focus, pray and declare over this key God given building block for society. Although the truths are absolute, it recognises that very few of us come from perfect situations or have brought up perfect children, so there is no...

Part 2: The Roman Connection

Part 2: The Roman Connection

The National Perspective: As we look back over the centuries, did Rome have an impact on our understanding of Dominion, and how we treated other nations? In this session, Suzanne unpacks the meaning of the word Dominion, separating God’s original intention from the...

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