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“show proper respect for all men (treat them honourably) …” 1 Pet 2:17

Even as politicians have spoken of the “clash of ideas” taking place over the future of capitalism, we recognise Lord, that there is a clash of kingdoms, of ideologies, of world views and of systems taking place over our nation.

We thank You for the Godly inheritance in our land, we thank You for every Kingdom foundation within our society, and we thank You for the freedom of choice & speech which have been demonstrated in our society in past seasons.

Even as Paul debated with those of different faith and values, we decree and declare in this nation, from schools & universities, to communities, social groups, religious groups and culture groups –  freedom of speech, the freedom to debate, the freedom to choose, and the freedom to agree or to disagree will be valued and protected, only limited and balanced by respect for others.  We declare those God given freedoms will be strengthened, supported and implemented by the laws of the land. Acts 15:2, 17:18; 18:28

Now, we declare this is the time for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ to emerge in great measure in this land, and we decree Your Voice will be heard above all other voices, favoured and followed; we decree this nation will be led, governed, influenced, positioned, connected and aligned to carry Your Kingdom purpose for the season ahead, in Jesus Name.

Reminder: The Nation’s Future – A Kingdom Opportunity;  Clapham; September 1st. To book on Eventbrite Click Here


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