Brexit – Transition

Brexit – Transition

by | Jan 26, 2018 | Brexit

Even as David Davis speaks today, and the EU publishes its official approach on Monday marking the formal beginnings of the next phase of Brexit talks, we continue to declare:

“there is an appointed time for everything and a time for every delight and event or purpose under heaven”   Ecclesiastes 3:1

In this season of change, we declare over this nation, God will complete that which He has begun, according to His plans and His purposes. He will lead us through the days ahead and He will make the crooked places straight. We declare this nation will be positioned in the centre of His desire for the next season and we resist all confusion in the Name of Jesus. Isaiah 42:16

We declare You are the Sovereign God and the Master Planner, You rule over the nations, and our times are in Your hands.

As we transition, we decree and declare this nation will be lined up with Your perfect will and timing and we decree Heaven’s schedule over every negotiation involved in Brexit and every aspect of the transitional period, that no plan of man or the enemy will alter either Your timing or Your purpose.

We speak increased momentum to every policy, treaty or concession in line with that purpose, that they will be legislated according to Heaven, and bring convergence with every God appointed time. We speak a shift in the Name of Jesus.


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