Church 3

“I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of God in the land of the living.” Psalm 23:13

We decree throughout these next months, the sound of the worship of Jesus will be heard across this land as individuals, families and groups, worship from heart and desire, even when unaided or supported by the flow of others.   We declare in this atmosphere of worship, fresh joy and fresh strength will be released.

Lord we thank You for the transformational power of the wilderness to shape, to train and to anoint. We acknowledge You have been dealing with our pride, our independence, and the desire for position and title, but now You are calling Your people to experience and walk in a fresh revelation of Your Majesty, Power, and Covenant Love. We declare fresh joy and fruitfulness will both break out and become established in our lives, that in the British Isles, men and women will walk in the purpose and destiny written within them.

We praise You for those who will pray, for those who will lead, and for the fresh mantles being released at this time. and we speak the release of every ministry into their God appointed  place and position.

God is opening doors of great opportunity and in the Name of Jesus, we declare His grace, hope and mercy will position His people in the fullness of their call and we decree His people will recognise, overcome and go through the doors He has opened before them. 1 Corinthians 16:8

As Lockdown eases and the new normality emerges, we continue to declare a spirit of peace (prosperity, safety and well-being) will rest upon the cities, towns and streets of this nation. We agree great wisdom will rest upon our Parliament, upon the Cabinet, the MPs, Civil Servants and all Advisors, that every decision made will bring perfect alignment with God’ s Kingdom purpose for this land.

Suzanne Ferrett



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