Laying your life down in tender surrender before the Lord will bring life, prosperity, and honour as your reward” Proverbs 22:4 TPT
Lord, we declare at this significant time, Your people will step into a fresh season of life as the hopes, desires and Kingdom dreams You have put within them are discovered and fulfilled. We declare fresh joy and fruitfulness will both break out and become established in their lives.
We speak the revelation of the power of the triumph of Your mercy over every individual, ministry, businessman or market place leader struggling at this time. We decree and declare that Your mercy and Your grace will overwhelm every self-judgment, the judgment of others, every feeling of failure, despair, disillusionment or loss, that fresh joy, fresh strength and fresh life would come to them, positioning them for the way ahead.
We declare in the United Kingdom, men and women will realise they have been created with purpose and destiny written inside them. We decree transformation will come to families, schools and communities as those within them recognise and release God given purpose. We thank you for uniqueness of God given gift, call and vision, and we decree and declare that the Body of Jesus Christ will arise in this nation, in full glory, with Jesus at the Head. We come into agreement with Amos 9:13 and we decree “the days are coming, when the ploughman shall overtake the reaper” Ps 139:16; Ephesians 2:10
Lord we praise you for every new thing which You are doing and in this season of the impossible becoming possible, we decree and declare in the United Kingdom the rising generations will be motivated by passion and purpose to see right and Godly transformation, that they will move with Kingdom goals, releasing a counter-culture of thankfulness, service and perseverance.
NB Thank you to everyone who wrote to tell me about the misquote in yesterday’s declaration. I do apologise


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