‘Do not move your neighbour’s boundary stone set up by your predecessors in the inheritance you receive in the land the Lord your God is giving you to possess’   Deuteronomy 19:4

We declare God is raising a generation in this land, a generation passionate and focused in their love for the Lord, called to preach the gospel, to bring in revival, and restore the God given inheritance of this Nation.

According to Revelation 1: 15, the voice of Jesus, ‘was like the roar of many rushing waters’ we declare in this day, God’s people will reach across denominational divides, and they will reach across racial divides, they will reach across generational divides and they will reach across national divides, that a deep and lasting healing will come to His people and a new sound be released.

From the young to the old, we decree and declare God given shifts and changes are taking place, that His people will walk in the rest which comes from His Presence, fully aligned and equipped with new strategies crafted for the season ahead. We agree they will walk in agreement in heart, vision and purpose under the Headship of Jesus, they will be ‘as one’ (John 17) and empowered to steward every new thing that God is bringing forth.

Now Lord – we continue to pray specifically for those seated in the House of Commons, that person by person, the words of Your Spirit will be heard and established in the depth of their innermost being, that as Your Spirit moves, all those positioned to lead this nation will recognise and desire divine wisdom and knowledge. We stand as Your Ekklesia, we declare over all proposals, negotiations and strategies on the security and safety of nations, and specifically relating to The Ukraine, ‘of the increase of His government and peace there will be no end.’

Suzanne Ferrett.


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