Crossing Over – Day 7

Crossing Over – Day 7

by | Jan 8, 2021 | Family

Family – January 8th 2021

In the Name of Jesus, we speak over this land and we declare, “You are gracious and compassionate… abounding in love” (Psalm 103:8.)

We declare God’s people will grasp the wisdom and the treasure of His principles contained within His word, modelling and celebrating a new way of living, that as society shifts, healthy families, will again become a foundation of society; that wholeness and wellbeing shall come to the people, strengthened and supported by the laws of our land.  We declare the love of God and the mercy of God will cause families to stand strong and healthy, supporting and encouraging each other across generational divides.

We agree relationships within families are being restored, new lines of communication are being established and love and respect increased. As families adjust again, we speak peace into the pressures and we decree and declare this season will be a season of strengthening of marriages, of families and of parent-child relationships. In Jesus Name, we ask  God’s healing and comfort will come to those wounded by their experiences, that fresh hope and fresh direction will be released.

We speak health and healing to all families, and wholeness to children across our land, that the power of God’s love will bring change and transformation.

Now we specifically declare, the educational needs of the children in this land will be met, and we release routines, methods and timetables, that parents and teachers will rise to the challenge of the season.

We speak health instead of sickness, life instead of death, prosperity against all lack in matters concerning finance and the economy, that in these days of shaking many will turn to Jesus.  We agree great wisdom will rest upon our Parliament, upon the Prime Minster, the Cabinet, the MP’s, Civil Servants and all Advisors, that every decision made will rightly divide between the competing pressures and we speak strength in Jesus Name.

Suzanne Ferrett


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