Crystal Clear: A Kingdom Vision for the Nation

Crystal Clear: A Kingdom Vision for the Nation

START DATE: 25/09/2020 7:00 pm
End DATE: 26/09/2020 1:00 pm

25th and 26th September 2020


We invite you to join us at Passion for The Nation for our first ever Online conference! We believe God has a unique call on our land that is significant, but it is also a time of enormous change, which heralds a new era. Jesus said pray ‘Kingdom Come’, ‘Seek first the Kingdom of God’ but what does that mean within today’s world? Is there a plan?
We want to envision and equip you through this conference to be part of the Ekklesia which God is raising up.
We will explore the vision of what God wants to do in our nation as we seek to pioneer this Kingdom. We will seek to discover God’s heart for our nation and do our part in revealing and equipping you for the battle ground. Our battle is great because God has a calling on us and our Nation. He is calling out new movements in our day, movements of prayer and movements of His people as He also calls us to embrace our places of influence across society. We want you to go out from this conference with a deeper understanding of what is God’s Perspective, armed with the tools to help you play your part.

25 Sept – 2020Day 1 7-9:30PM26 Sept – 2020Day 2 10AM-1PM

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Focus on Suzanne Ferrett, Founder of Passion for the Nation

Suzanne Ferrett is the founder of Passion for the Nation and she and her husband Frank live in Windsor. They have 3 sons and 7 grandchildren.

Suzanne believes that God has a heart for nations, but the United Kingdom remains the focus of her call. She believes passionately that God is releasing an opportunity for an awakening within this land, and her desire is to partner with churches and prayer groups to see God’s desire fulfilled. It is a time for individuals and the church as a whole, to move into the fullness of all God has created them to be, governing in prayer in the Spiritual realm and bringing influence upon the earth so that the Kingdom of God can be built within this land.

Friday 25th September

Approx. timingsProgramme Guide
7:30pmThe Kingdom – Suzanne Ferrett
8:15pmGreetings and a message – Veronica West, Ignite Ireland Ministries
8:20pmThe Identity of the Nation – Suzanne Ferrett
9pmPrayer and Declaration

Saturday 26th September

Approx. timingsProgramme Guide
10amWelcome Back
10:30amSuzanne Ferrett: Ekklesia
11:00amGreetings and a message – Wanda Alger, Prophetic Perspectives for the Kingdom Age
11:15amComfort break
11:30amDeclaration and Decree – Suzanne Ferrett
12:30pmPrayer and Declaration

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