Moving out in Righteousness

Moving out in Righteousness

START DATE: 03/04/2021 9:30 am
End DATE: 03/04/2021 11:30 am

Domination or Dominion?

‘In December 2020, God spoke to me about an ancient key He was releasing – as I have prayed and waited on God, I believe this is to do with the re-setting of what has been a corrupted version of the ‘dominion’ mandate back to the Biblical gift which it was intended to be. This is not about Dominionism, or domination of one upon the other, but the release of a gift which stewards out of God’s heart, for the well-being of those concerned.’ Quote from ‘Unpacking Godly Dominion’.

Amidst all the changes around us, a new movement is beginning, a movement to bring transformation and revival to our land. A Movement of those who know their identity in God; who know their authority in the place of prayer and against the enemy, but also a movement of those who carry His heart and His ways. This is a good moment to allow Him to address any remaining issues in our lives.

Following the testimonies from the Seminar ‘Unpacking Godly Dominion’ we have decided to repeat it for those who were unable to attend the first time. This will have a slightly different focus from the first seminar, as we will look at aspects of ungodly dominion for individuals, families and the church. In the second half of the meeting, we will take some time to talk about what does this mean for us? How do I walk exercising a right dominion over my own life and then as I move out into the world.

I am aware this seminar will be on Easter Saturday; and although I wrestled with the date, I felt this was right, in between Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday. However, we will begin on time at 9.30am and finish by 11.30 am.


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