Crystal Clear – The Sound of Many Waters

Crystal Clear – The Sound of Many Waters

START DATE: 29/01/2022 9:30 am
End DATE: 29/01/2022 2:00 pm

One of the earliest statements God gave me in 2016, was God is Shaking Nations – A Kingdom Opportunity, and that is as true now as it was then.  So, in this conference, we will be looking at that kingdom opportunity and invitation in the light of Revelation 19:6.

This is a day for the many and not the few; it is a time for those of every race, colour, and culture to run together for the sake of the Kingdom; it is a day for nations to align for the days ahead – and for the global harvest to be brought in.

It is also a season, when the weight of Heaven is upon heart and purpose, that we might be those who like Jeremiah, know not only how to pull down – but how to build and to plant.

We this expect this to be an online conference only, and the Eventbrite page is now up and ready for you to register.

We look forward to you being with us

Suzanne Ferrett

Provisional Conference Schedule

Session 1

  • Aligning a nation with God’s Heart: What are His priorities?
  • Praying Heaven’s blueprints.

Session 2

  • Up Close and Personal – Ruling and Reigning.

Session 3

  • The Sound of Many Waters.
  • As we move forward, what is our next step as the United Kingdom?

Speaker Biographies

Sharon Stone

Sharon StoneDr. Sharon Stone has pioneered Christian International in Europe over 24 years. She is referred to affectionately as “Europe’s Prophet”.

The first thing others say of Sharon is that she sees the best and brings out greatness in others. They attribute this to her prophetic precision and an approachable life. Sharon pastors, ministers at conferences and hosts a monthly “Mentoring Day”.

In her travels, leaders of Ministries and Government regularly seek consultation. But the highest tangible strength upon Dr. Sharon is her ability to raise and launch other Prophets to national and international influence (Oh how the world needs this)!

Dr. Bill Hamon has publicly referred to her as one of the Top three most accurate prophets.

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