Family 2

Family 2

by | Sep 13, 2021 | Family

‘Here am I and the children whom the Lord has given me. We are for signs and wonders in Israel’ Isaiah 8:18

Lord, we thank You for the significance of family revealed within Your word, we recognise the power of generational giftings and anointings, and the redemptive gifts which flow through every family line – we call them forth, in Jesus Name.

We declare a fresh revelation is coming upon Your people of the depth, the power and the truth of Your word concerning family and a fresh excitement is being  released, that the solutions that are needed across our nation are found not in man’s wisdom but within Your word and Your heart. 

We declare as Your people read Your word and discover Your purpose, they will rise up with fresh passion and desire, that stable, healthy families, built according to God’s word, will again become a foundation of society.  We decree and declare this is the day for relationships within families to be restored, new lines of communication to be established and love and respect increased. We  cry out that the love of God and the mercy of God will cause families to stand strong and healthy, supporting and encouraging each other across generational divides. We speak a shift in the Name of Jesus. 

Now according to Deuteronomy 6:7, “Impress them on your children.  Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up”, we decree, adults will communicate with confidence, creativity and ease, that the wisdom of the generations aligned with the wisdom of His word will be released from one generation to another. 

Now Lord, we stand as Your Ecclesia in this land, and we decree – even as a nation is changed through its children, as Your people pray, every shift and change in the experience of children in this land, brought about through the pressure of society or the rule of law, will increase Godly principles, release the revelation of His love and bring this nation closer to Him.

Suzanne Ferrett


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