by | Nov 23, 2016 | Government

Then the Lord appointed a set time. Saying “tomorrow the Lord will do this thing in the land” Exodus 9:5

We praise You that you are not a God of confusion but of peace, that You set appointments, times and seasons. Daniel 2:21; Acts 1:7

Now in the Name of Jesus we declare the activation of Article 50 and every deadline concerning Brexit, will align with God given timing.  We decree and declare the influence of the Scottish Parliament, Welsh and Northern Ireland assemblies, every Court Decision, every Vote of Parliament, every negotiation with the EU, whether over immigration, trade or security will converge with that God appointed time.

In the Name of Jesus, we continue to call forth the strategies of heaven over all matters concerning Brexit, immigration and trade. We declare they will be seen, heard and understood by all those called to policy making at this time.  Romans 4:17 Amp.

NB Please continue to pray protection over every transport hubs, shopping centres, and place where people gather.


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