We declare in the season ahead a legacy of Godly government will be re- established in our Nation.

According to Your word in Psalm 145:4” One generation shall declare Your works to another”, we decree and declare a fresh awareness to Your young people of the Godly heritage within our political system, of the Biblical foundations under it and of the principles released through it.

We decree and declare young people in our Nation, towns, churches and families will have an understanding of the times and seasons, and of the power of choice. We speak maturity to them in their political awareness, engagement and voting.

In the Name of Jesus, we declare an increased rising up of those who will pioneer and stand for Godly principles and for the good of the people, and we speak favour and divine revelatory wisdom to those already positioned.

N B Find out the candidates for the coming election within your own constituency, pray for a clarity of their values and purpose to emerge, and that the person God has called for this Parliamentary term to become clear..