by | May 21, 2018 | Government

We thank You for every plan and design within Heaven for the Government of nations and we thank you for Your patterns within Your word. We stand as Your Ekklesia and we decree in this nation both Houses within the Parliament of the United Kingdom will be established and function according to Heaven’s Blueprint.

We thank You for the role the House of Lords has taken for generations; we praise You for the stability, check and balance they have provided for this nation, as the Commons shifts according to the choice of the people. Now in this season of Governmental shift, we continue to declare Godly heritage will be recovered and connected to Your future purpose.

Over the four Nations of the UK, we decree that which You have built in the past season will not be divided or altered except according to Heavens instruction.

In the Name of Jesus, we declare the Scottish Parliament, Stormont, and the Welsh Assembly will function and govern according to Your mandate for this season, in unity and co-operation with the Westminster Parliament.

We decree and declare every shift of power, increase of mandate and increase of budget responsibility to the devolved governments, will be according to Your plan, favoured by God and man, increasingly integrated in heart and purpose for the Government of the United Kingdom.


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