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And now out of His fullness we are fulfilled! And from him we receive grace heaped upon more grace! John 1:15 TPT.
Who are you, o great mountain? Before Zerubbabel you shall become a plain! And he shall bring forth the capstone with shouts of ‘Grace, grace to it!’ Zechariah 4:6
We thank You for Your words through Your prophets which have encouraged, strengthened and directed Your people through the centuries. We thank You for the diverse ways in which You have spoken, and the power of those words to bring change and we thank You Lord for the power of Your words in our mouths.
We declare, this is the day for Your Kingdom to be established in our nation, and we thank You for the power of revelation, anointing and of Your mercy & grace in our lives. As Your Ekklesia in this land, we speak “grace, grace and more grace” to every seeming impossibility concerning the Brexit process, over all negotiations and stumbling blocks, and we decree and declare as Your people arise to praise and to worship, a fresh momentum of Your Spirit will be released, overcoming every other spirit, reigniting hope, releasing revelation and overcoming every hindrance.
In the Name of Jesus, we continue to declare an increased rising up of those who will pioneer and stand for Godly principles and for the good of the people, and we speak favour and divine revelatory wisdom to those already positioned.
Even as individuals are sifted and challenged, we release God’s ways and God’s thoughts to every member of the House of Commons, and we decree those chosen and appointed by Him will rise to a new level of authority, wisdom and stature, that they will speak and lead according to His purpose, as a new sense of destiny and calling rises upon them. We speak a fresh alignment of the words and thoughts of Theresa May, the Speaker of the House of Commons, and MP’s of all parties, with Your will. (26th February 2019)
We thank You that mercy triumphs over judgment, and we decree and declare every plan of the enemy to bring disunity, chaos or stagnation will be overcome, as God’s original plans for the United Kingdom arise, strong and secure in this day.


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