Government (Medical profession)

Government (Medical profession)

by | Sep 2, 2016 | Government

Thank you for your continued prayers for our nation. We apologise for some breaks in our regular declarations through the summer, we have been travelling and failed to allow for the lack of internet in some places. We are now back to usual!

We declare righteousness exalts a nation, so we speak righteousness into every aspect of Government, national and local; we declare honesty and integrity will be the hallmarks of financial institutions, businesses and society. We decree and declare that righteousness, honesty and integrity will again become valued in this nation and we enforce Kingdom values over every plan of the enemy to sow ungodliness and hence destruction into our nation.

We thank You for our Godly heritage, specifically for those who have pioneered within the medical profession in past years. We declare healing comes from You, and we declare Your pioneering anointing and revelation will continue to rest upon our medical researchers.

We speak wisdom, truth, righteousness and integrity into all negotiations between the Junior doctors and Department of Health. We decree and declare personal agendas will be revealed, fair salaries and conditions will be negotiated, and Your heart for the good of the people be at the centre of all discussions.


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