“He will be a spirit of justice to the one who sits in judgment, a source of strength to those who turn back the battle at the gate.” Isaiah 28: 6

We continue to declare, this is a nation marked out in Heaven for Divine Purpose, and for the Kingdom of God to come in all its fullness and we acknowledge His call to live according to His laws and demonstrate His  principles to the nations.

Lord, we thank for the freedoms we enjoy and we declare in this nation the freedom of speech, the freedom to debate, the freedom to choose, the freedom to gather, and the freedom to agree or to disagree will be valued and protected, limited and balanced by respect for others.  We declare those God given freedoms will be strengthened, supported and implemented by the laws of the land, and we speak strength and wisdom to those fighting for those freedoms at this time.  We decree this is a time for a turning of every ungodly precedent set. Acts 15:2; 17:18; 18:28

We stand as the Ecclesia at the beginning of this summer season, and we decree the rule of law will be desired, respected and supported by those who carry a voice within this land; that any strategy of the enemy to bring disorder, lawlessness or violence will be over-whelmed as His Spirit moves and righteousness and quietness increase upon the streets.

All matters pertaining to the law and administration of our land will align and enforce Kingdom values, including the principles of freedom of choice, freedom of conscience and the sanctity of human life; that in every court of our land, mercy, truth and alignment with God given precepts will prevail.

Most of all we thank You Lord for the freedom to proclaim the Gospel in this land and we agree the Church, Your people, will fulfil this destiny, that the message of salvation and reconciliation through Jesus Christ will be heard again in this nation in the churches, the streets, and on the airwaves. We proclaim according to Acts 4:12 ‘Salvation is no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved.



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