‘Mercy and truth preserve the king, and by loving kindness he upholds his throne’  Proverbs 20:28

In the Name of Jesus, we declare God desires our nation will not only succeed but carry His Glory, so we decree and declare across all elections taking place this May, the increase of life changing Godly wisdom and leadership, that His Kingdom will be established. We declare across this land, irrespective of geographic positioning, Godly stewardship and good governance will increase,  that services be managed with wisdom and resources distributed according to His purpose and priority.

We thank You for those who have served this nation in many capacities across the years, but now we declare this is a new day. Lord, You positioned leaders of ten, leaders of hundreds and leaders of thousands and You prepared and anointed leaders before their time of service, so in the Name of Jesus, we call forth across this nation, the leaders You have appointed for this season, and we declare they will be positioned and connected for Your Voice to be heard, recognised, and active within every place of influence and gateway of society.

As MP’s return to Parliament, we declare a new desire and a new openness for Godly wisdom and counsel will rest upon them, that the voice of His wisdom will be heard, rising above every other voice. We decree this nation will have the leaders hand-picked, hand prepared by Him throughout this Brexit season, that they will lead this nation, positioning and fulfilling every God given criteria for blessing and Kingdom destiny to come to this land.

We specifically declare, even within Parliament, those chosen and appointed by You for the next season will emerge, standing strong and secure, as a new level of revelation and understanding comes upon them. We declare they will listen, speak and act according to the words and strategies of the Spirit of God, causing them to grow in favour with God and man, and that You will position them


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