Leadership – Family

Leadership – Family

by | Jun 14, 2019 | Family, Leadership

God is a father of the fatherless, a defender of widows, …He sets the solitary in families” Psalm 68:6

We thank You for the blueprints of heaven within Your word and for the solutions to society they contain. We declare in this season of the impossible becoming possible, a fresh excitement will be released, that those solutions that are needed are found not in man’s wisdom but within Your word and Your heart. We decree and declare a fresh revelation will come upon Your people of the depth, the power and the truth of Your word concerning family.

Now, in this turn around season,  we declare stable, healthy families will again become a foundation of society. We declare a fresh level of wisdom and leadership to husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, grandparents, foster parents and carers, that strong and loving homes will be established in this day. Proverbs 24:3

We speak health and healing to marriages and parent – child relationships, and wholeness to children across our land, that the power of Your love will bring change and transformation. We lift off pain, shame, blame and disappointment and we release fresh hope and fresh joy to all those struggling with family relationships, in the Name of Jesus.

Now, we speak Godly priorities over every policy and potential policy of Government concerning families, that laws, court judgments, finances and social care will align with Kingdom principles. We declare new partnerships of councils, businesses, charities and Your people will emerge that finance, training, counsel, skill and care will be available to meet every need.

We declare this is the time for Your kingdom to come in great measure in our land, that our nation will not only succeed but carry Your Glory, so we decree and declare over all the discussions, negotiations, plans and votes taking place at this time,  the increase of life changing Godly wisdom and leadership. We decree honour, righteousness & integrity, will increase and a new level of Godly statesmanship arise, transforming personal and political agendas, that men and women across all parties will work for the common good, uniting behind God given vision and priorities.  Proverbs 24:3-6


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