The Lord is our judge, The Lord is our lawgiver, the Lord is our King” Isaiah 33:22

According to Your word, God is the Highest Authority in Heaven and earth.  We decree and declare that Natural Government and sovereignty, elected and hereditary, will acknowledge that He is the true Judge, Lawgiver and King.

We decree institutions, traditions and rituals grounded in Godly inheritance will remain, strengthened and quickened by the power of Your Spirit, moving with the new season and re-enforcing truth.

On this anniversary of the Coronation, we thank You for the life of our Queen, Elizabeth II, and we celebrate her love and commitment to You, her devotion to the people and the years of service to the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth. We thank You for the grace with which she carries out her duties.

We declare a strengthening and prolonging of her reign, that she might stand in health, strength and righteousness until such a time as those to follow may do so with the fear of God upon them.


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