Northern Ireland 2

Northern Ireland 2

by | Mar 8, 2019 | Miscellaneous

Good leadership is built on love and truth, for kindness and integrity are what keep leaders in their position of trust” Proverbs 20:28

Now, we thank You for the inheritance in Northern Ireland of those who have been willing to stand up for belief and principle. In the Name of Jesus, we decree the heart of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the foundational truths of the gospel and the message of the gospel will be released with great power, unhindered by the thoughts and ways of man, that Northern Ireland will rediscover God given identity, rising above past difficulties, free to take her place in the days ahead. We declare as Your people increasingly walk under the Headship of Jesus, they will lead the way that communities divided through religion, culture, social status and political opinion will be healed.

We declare as Your Sprit moves upon this nation, even now preparing the way, the spirit of reconciliation will be released, healing not only the wounds and injustices of the past, but the political divisions, offences, fears and prejudices of the present.

We speak over the people of Northern Ireland, elected leaders and every political party, the desire for unity and solutions will overwhelm historical, political and religious divisions, that in this season of grace, the political parties within Northern and Southern Ireland will hear and unite behind Your solutions in all negotiations concerning Stormont, Brexit and the Backstop.

We thank You for those politicians both sides of the Irish border, for those MP’s within Parliament from Northern Ireland, and those within the Dail Eireann. We declare specifically as Your Spirit moves upon this land, every hidden anointing that has laid dormant until now will be awakened, and old behaviours and attitudes change, – that new relationships will be built where divisions once existed, reaching across the historical differences between North and South, that shoulder to shoulder, and face to face, unique and creative solutions will be released.

We decree and declare, in the Name of Jesus, a new season of working together will be released, that God given vision for the future of Ireland will sweep across the land, overcoming and overwhelming every negative vision, identity and expectation based upon the past.
(Adapted from January 2018 and mindful of the prophetic word given by Emma Stark, February 2019)

NB: Remember NEWS – London on the Brink. Tonight – The East Gate, Capstone Church, Ilford. For more information please go to our website


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