Lord God, we recognise this is a day when You are moving upon nations, You are changing leaders, You are changing Governments, You are changing National and International Alliances. In the Name of Jesus, we declare in these days the United Kingdom will be positioned in every way for Your perfect plan and destiny.

We thank You for the increase of prayer across this nation, for the established movements and the new movements, for the prayer groups and the individuals.  We declare they will be united in heart, vision and purpose under the headship of Jesus, supporting, strengthening and encouraging each other, that a highway for Your Presence, will be built within this land,

In the Name of Jesus, we shake ourselves out of apathy. We put down our own agendas, we put down our own preferences and our own understanding, and we declare Lord, this is a day to listen to Your Spirit, to hear Your voice and to know Your ways.

We declare Your church will move, speak and pray according to Your purpose at this time.


Now Lord, even as this is a time for Your Kingdom to be released within our land, we declare the Brexit terms will be legislated according to Heaven and bring convergence with Your appointed time. We decree any further debates, amendments or decisions, introduced by the UK Parliament, The Cabinet, the EU, Member States’ Parliaments or devolved Governments in the months ahead, will increase and not decrease alignment with Your Kingdom Purposes.


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