by | Aug 27, 2017 | Security

As Your Ekklesia, we stand and declare over our nation “God’s plans are for good and not for evil”, so in the Name of Jesus, we enforce God’s original plans for peace, mercy and hope over and against every plan and purpose of Satan to bring death or destruction and we declare this nation will be a place of safety.  We declare You are the one in whom we put our trust “some trust in chariots and some in horses; but we remember the name of the Lord our God” Psalm 20:7.

We speak Your divine wisdom and revelation to every member of our security forces and police force. We speak light into every dark place, that every plan or plot shall be discovered and defeated.  Those who work and plan death and destruction shall not be hidden but discovered.  Job 12:22-24; Job 34:22

We declare Your watchman will be positioned and awake. In the Name of Jesus, we speak Your protection over our cities, towns and villages, over transport systems, shopping malls, tourist centres, restaurants and every place  where people gather.


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