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We decree and declare God’s people will shoot the arrows until they overcome; they will war for new strategies for the future and worship in a new way, that the new sound released from England will cause every curse of the old to be broken; new prosperity to be released and the harvest be gathered.
We decree God’s people will hear the sound of Heaven, grabbing hold and triumphing, that every new cycle God is releasing will be secured for the future, in Jesus Name. (Based on part of the recent prophetic word to England By Chuck Pierce.)
Now, we declare God desires as individuals and as a nation, we lend and not borrow, and in the Name of Jesus, we speak grace to all those struggling with budgets at this time and we speak faith and hope against all fear.
We thank Him for the Josephs, for the Daniels and the Esthers He is positioning, and we thank Him, for the keys of restoration and of miracles He is releasing at this time. In the Name of Jesus, we repent of past greed, the idolatry of wealth and of where our dependence and culture of debt, has become lifestyle and choice. In the Name of Jesus, we declare His people will have a fresh revelation of both the power of His forgiveness and of His provision, releasing unusual ideas, Godly wisdom and solutions. We declare in this day, His people will be free to move according to His Spirit and His plan, and we decree debts, limitations and captivity are being broken.
We declare in this Kingdom season as God’s people pray and seek His face, the ideas, blueprints and strategies for the economy of our nation, from microbusinesses to the Bank of England will be released to all those ready and prepared to receive them.
We speak God’s revelatory wisdom to those who work at the Treasury and the Bank of England and especially for Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor, that as he prepares the Spending Review he will have divine insight for the way ahead. We decree and declare jobs will be created, businesses will recover and prosper, and the economy will flourish. We call forth vision, skill and investment in Jesus Name.
Suzanne Ferrett.


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