Shaping a Nation – the Fullness 3

Shaping a Nation – the Fullness 3

by | Jan 11, 2019 | Miscellaneous


Great blessing and wealth fills the house of the wise, for their integrity endures for ever”

We thank You that Your Goodness and Your Mercy have kept this nation in past seasons, and we declare according to Your word in Psalm 23 “Your Goodness and Your Mercy” will keep us in the days, months and years ahead. We put our trust in You. 

According to Your word, we declare You desire this nation will be blessed and not cursed, lend and not borrow. We acknowledge You as the King of Kings,  who rules over the nations in love and truth, that all wisdom, blessing and provision comes from You. Deuteronomy 28:12.

In these days of change, we declare businesses will be resilient and jobs created.  In the Name of Jesus, we call forth all those You have anointed to contribute in various and diverse ways to the economy of our nation, from the entrepreneurs to CEOs, and from ministers to treasury officials. We declare the philanthropists will arise and we call forth those called to social enterprise, and the increase of charitable business.

Now, as industries shift and required skills change, we decree the industrial, commercial and business communities within this land, both management and workforce, will embrace every new opportunity Your Spirit is releasing in this day.

In the Name of Jesus, we decree and declare in this nation businesses, industry and manufacturing will flourish, aided and strengthened by strategic and advantageous trade agreements.


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