The Next Generation

The Next Generation

by | Jan 2, 2023 | Next Generation

Hi everyone, I wish you all an amazing 2023. May you know God increasingly, may you know His mercy, grace and kindness in Your lives and walk with increasing wisdom from heaven in the days ahead.

 if you are not aware of The Cry happening this Saturday at the Wembley Ovo Arena, please do consider coming, or if not, please pray for us. This event is about the cry for this generation and a generation yet unborn; it is about legacy and about the Kingdom of God; it is about revival, healing and transformation. 

Here is the link to Eventbrite where you can purchase tickets


The Next Generation.

“And I write these things, young people, because you are strong, the Word of God is treasured in your hearts, and you have defeated the Evil One.” I John 2:14

Lord we declare in this season of crossing over, a new generation of young people are arising. A generation who know they are forgiven, who know they are loved by their Father and who know the Word and are true to the Word. They are a generation of overcomers, because they have seen and overcome the work of the enemy in their own lives. 

We declare they will stand in the places of significance, bringing reformation and transformation, having first allowed the power of the cross to rend their hearts –  they will move in humility and stand in purity withstanding the culture of the world around them. We decree and declare, this is a chosen generation who will pioneer new territory for the Kingdom in all aspects of society. They will heal the sick, preach the gospel and look after the vulnerable. 

We declare friendship with Jesus will undergird them, strengthen and lead them in all His ways. 

According to Your word in Psalm 45:16, ‘your many sons will one day be kings…’, we declare this generation will know their identity in You. We declare they will carry Your heart, Your life and Your values into every community and sphere of society, pioneering new vision.

We  cry out for an acceleration of spiritual maturity in their lives, and that dreams, vision and insight will come to them, in Jesus Name.  Joel 2:28 

We declare -this is the season for the prodigals to return, and we repent where our actions and inactions have caused many in a generation to be lost. We ask that every God given truth received through this Christmas season will resound within them and we thank You that this is a season of mercy, grace and harvest even amidst the darkness of the hour. 

Suzanne Ferrett

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