Transformation – Next Generation

Transformation – Next Generation

by | Apr 27, 2016 | Family, Transformation

In the Name of Jesus, in this turn around year, we decree and declare wholeness and healing to this generation. We speak supernatural healing to those damaged through childhood experiences, addictions or trauma, and those struggling with mental health issues.  Lord we speak a raising up of fresh ministries to bring healing, help and change.

Lord we declare grace and strength to those involved in social transformation of communities and estates, and all those working to bring hope and healing. We declare to them fresh levels of Your compassion, kindness and wisdom.  In the Name of Jesus, we declare resources will come to them, buildings will be released and funding partnerships formed.

Lord we declare the allocations of funding and resources from social services, councils and the health service will facilitate Your purpose and priority.  We call out fresh partnerships of state, business and Kingdom to bring transformation.


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