You shall not testify falsely, (that is, lie, withhold, or manipulate the truth) against your neighbour (any person)”  Exodus 20:16

We come into agreement with Isaiah 28: 17,18 “I will make …. righteousness the plumb line…” and declare in this nation spiritual truth and moral truth will align with the standard of His Word, that wholeness and wellbeing shall come to the people, strengthened and supported by the laws of our land.

We  decree as His Spirit is released in great measure, the desire for the fullness of truth will build a healthy society according to His word, overwhelming every action to engineer and shape society according to the plans of man. We come into agreement with Proverbs 8:8 TPT, “all the declarations of my mouth can be trusted’, and we decree and declare truthfulness, accuracy and clarity will be heard in all government, political and media statements. We speak the light of God’s Spirit into every dark place and every place of confusion in Jesus Name.

We decree and declare in this season: “truth will again spring up from our land and righteousness, right alignment, will reign down from heaven” (Psalm 85:11). In the Name of Jesus, we decree God’s people will engage in a new way with family, neighbours and communities. We declare the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ will be spoken at home, on the streets and from the pulpits.  We decree this will be a season of salvations, healings and miracles, and another step in the new season of God’s Kingdom coming to our nation.

Now, we agree this nation will live by the Truth and in the light of the Truth, and in the Name of Jesus, that the power of the gospel and the revelation of Jesus Christ, will again become the building blocks upon which society leans.

Suzanne Ferrett.


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