Twelve Declarations to Shape a Nation – Day 8

Twelve Declarations to Shape a Nation – Day 8

by | Dec 7, 2018 | Government

“ For my brothers and companions sake I will say, “Peace be within you!” For the sake of the House of the Lord our God.” Psalms 122: 8-9 ESV

As Parliament continues to debate the proposed EU Withdrawal Bill, we call Your people to fix their eyes upon Jesus, to dwell in that place of peace which passes all understanding, to praise and to worship, that the Presence of God will rest upon this nation, upon Your people and upon Parliament. In the Name of Jesus, we speak peace to every storm raised by the words, opinions and the desires of men.

We pray specifically for those seated in the House of Commons at this time, that person by person, the words of Your Spirit will be heard and established  in the depth of their innermost being, as a new atmosphere of quietness comes upon hearts and minds. We decree and declare as Your Spirit moves, all those positioned to lead this nation, will recognise and desire revelation wisdom and knowledge. We speak the release of Words of wisdom at this time.

Now Lord, we decree and declare Your people will recognise the significance of the season, and Your desire to bless within it. We declare across this land Your people will cross over into all Your Spirit is doing in this day, taking hold of the new, shifting into current purpose and re-engaging in the battle.  We declare a new spirit of thanksgiving, joy and praise will arise as unity of heart, vision and purpose expands Your Kingdom within and through our nation. Deuteronomy 28:25.

As Your Ekklesia, irrespective of preference or choice, we stand and declare this Parliament, this gateway to our nation, will come into God given order, recognising and submitting to the Higher Authority of the King of Kings and the Ancient of Days.


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