Hi everyone – I know it has been a while but I felt it was time for a fresh season of declaring  over our nation.

It is clear that this is a new season for the church – a time to become the Ecclesia church which Jesus birthed; the issues facing our nation are spiritual and not governmental and need a spiritual solution, so we must pray for a revival which will touch every aspect of our land. 

 It is also a  justice season, and one aspect of justice is to do with government.  God’s word in 1 Timothy 2 tells us to pray for those in authority over us.  But right now we are at the beginning of another potential shift in Parliament.  Already we are hearing comments about how the parties expect to do in the next General Election, which will be next year.  This is not about a change of party, but the fact that potentially many seats will change hands – whether because the previous incumbent chooses to stand down or because they are voted out.

 Now is the time to begin to lay in place a pathway in the Spirit for an increase of Godliness within our parliament.  We are therefore going to re- release some declarations from my book “Establishing a Kingdom Government,” that we might agree together at the start of this shift for the Kingdom to increase.



Declaration – Vision

According to Your word in Job 22:28, ‘You will declare a thing and it shall be established.’ 

In this season of Governmental shift, we decree and declare God’s people across this land will rise up to the fullness of who He has made them to be.  We declare the ecclesia will arise and the reformers take their places in every sphere and region in this land.

According to His word in Hebrews 10:1, ‘the law is only a shadow of the good things which are coming – not the reality themselves.’ We decree and declare that as His people are increasingly positioned, empowered and released, that which we have seen in the past season of Kingdom influence is only a shadow of what will be seen in the days ahead across our land. 

We declare the Lordship of Jesus will be established over His people, His words will be our words and His will our will, that His plans for peace, mercy and hope will be increasingly established in our nation.

We declare over the United Kingdom – this is a nation marked out in Heaven for Divine Purpose and for the Kingdom to come in all its fullness, transforming culture and government, as well as individual lives.

We decree and declare in the days ahead, our Parliament will model and release not a past structure, but the wisdom, purpose and heart of the King. 

Suzanne Ferrett

Passion for the Nation


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