“In the year of Jubilee everyone is to return to their own property” Leviticus 25:13

We thank You for every purpose and plan You have for the future of the United Kingdom and we praise You that Your plans are for good and not for evil. We declare Your thoughts are not our thoughts or Your ways our ways. In this season when You are shifting nations, we stand as Your Ecclesia and continue to declare, this land will be shaped, positioned and networked in every way according to Your best and highest purpose, that this nation and the nations will be blessed, and we surrender to Your ways.

We thank You for the fullness of the wisdom contained in Your word. Even as we declare the ability to create wealth will rest upon our nation, we speak a spirit of generosity over the land, creating a right distribution of wealth, and a prosperous, enterprising and inclusive society.

We decree and declare as a new generation of businessmen, entrepreneurs, and property owners arise, accumulation for personal gain will be replaced by Kingdom attitudes and Kingdom goals. We decree and declare they will give and not take, share and not withhold, release and not hoard, directed and led by the power of Your Spirit. In the Name of Jesus, we speak Your blessing to all those You have called into the marketplace at this time, that strategies, opportunities and finances will flow freely and righteously to them and through them.

Now, we speak righteousness and honesty into every aspect of financial dealings within our land. Even as policies and budgets are put in place, we decree and declare the finances of this nation will  be stewarded with wisdom and sensitivity, that taxes will be appropriate, needs will be met and  infrastructure funded. We speak peace to the markets, in Jesus Name.


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