Wealth 2

“..I command you to be openhanded towards… the poor and needy in Your land.”
Deuteronomy 15:4

Even as we declare the ability to create wealth will rest upon our nation, according to Your word we speak a spirit of generosity over the land, creating a right distribution of wealth, and a prosperous, enterprising and inclusive society.

According to Your word we declare “the profit of the land is for all” Ecclesiastes 5:9

We declare enjoyment to those to whom God has given wealth, fair wages to those who work, and secure provision to those who are unable to work. Ecclesiastes 5:19

We declare the philanthropists will arise, we call forth those called to social enterprise, and the increase of charitable business.

We continue to declare national and international trade agreements will be set according to Your purpose and plan. We acknowledge You as the Alpha and Omega, the One who is sovereign and rules in love and truth over the nations.


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