Blessing for the Queen

Blessing for the Queen

by | Apr 20, 2016 | Monarchy

We thank you for the life of our Queen, Elizabeth II, and we celebrate the wisdom that she carries, her love for You, for her people and for the grace and commitment with which she carries out her duties.

We speak blessing over the Queen’s life; we speak health, strength and long life to her, and that You would surround her with honour as with a shield. We speak boldness and increased wisdom, that many will be drawn to her in these days.

We bless Prince Phillip and all of her family, their marriages and their relationships with health, strength, peace and joy. We bless the family with the revelation of the Knowledge of God, that faith and hope in Jesus Christ will be a lasting legacy within our Royal family.

We declare over all the public birthday celebrations – joy and safety – in Jesus Name.



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