Blessing for The Royal Family

Blessing for The Royal Family

by | Apr 22, 2016 | Monarchy

In 1978 In her Christmas message the Queen used the following words:

“Christians have the compelling example of the life and teaching of Christ and, for myself, I would like nothing better that my grandchildren should hold dear his ideals which have helped and inspired so many previous generations,”

So in the Name of Jesus we come into agreement with the Queen over her wishes for all her grandchildren and great grandchildren, including Prince William and Prince Harry. We speak according to her wishes,

  • that that they will hope and trust in the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • that faith in Him will lead and guide them, they will know His strength and He will be the centre of their lives and their inspiration.
  • that they should know and understand the gift of reconciliation and the power of forgiveness in all arenas of life, large and small.

(Concepts taken from “The Servant Queen”; Published by The Bible Society; Hope and LICC)

Take a moment to wait on God and pray for this family as the Holy Spirit leads.


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