The Issue of Dominion a Kingdom Reset. Part 2.1

The Issue of Dominion a Kingdom Reset. Part 2.1

by | Mar 18, 2022


For many the issue of Dominion is difficult. It has echoes of Dominionism, or the abuses of Power by both men and the ancient Empires. However, if you read Part 1 of this blog you will understand that this is not what God intended when He gave His people dominion on the earth.

For the United Kingdom and Commonwealth nations, this year 2022, marks the 120th Anniversary of the first celebrations of the British Empire, which were actually held in schools.

120 is a Kingdom Government number, and over the next few posts we will be unpacking and praying into some of the aspects of what that means. Essentially though, of course it is about the Church. There are certain people to whom God gives special authority to influence or to pray for natural Governments, but that isn’t only what Jesus originally intended.

The word for church was first used by Jesus in Matthew 16. He had been walking with some of His disciples when He asks Peter, ‘Who do you say I am?’  Peter responds with what is a fresh revelation – Jesus, You’re the Messiah! Peter had recognised the true identity of Jesus. He also knew the scriptures and that the prophet Isaiah had spoken of this man who was to come, who would carry  titles, such as ‘Wonderful, Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. And of the Increase of His government and peace there will be no end.’

As Peter gives his revelation, Jesus responds immediately, on this revelation – I will build My Church! The word for Church used here is actually Ekklesia, a word that was not new, but was in use in the days of Jesus.  The Ekklesia were the governmental assemblies of some of the ancient cities of Greece but also of the free cities in Israel. These assemblies, made up by citizens of those places, had the authority to make laws, decide on city officials and even decide whether to engage in war or not. So, when Jesus used this word which we translated church – it had governmental connotations.

Jesus came with a Kingdom, and His Church are to be the government of that Kingdom. God is calling up His people to step into the role He has given to them – those who will pray and act according to the principles and values of His Kingdom, not according to their personal perspectives, emotions or the values of the world. This is not the only function of the church, but nevertheless, it is one of the foundational concepts.

So, today we go back to some of the initial declarations we released:


In this day of shifts and change in our land, we decree and declare in this nation, Your Kingdom government will be established as a display of Your glory upon the earth – standing on the truth, that You are the true Judge, Lawgiver and King.

Lord, even as this is the time for Your Government to be established, we thank You for every shift, change and breakthrough in line with Your Spirit which has been released. We decree and declare Your people will continue to press into You for the fullness of Your purpose and plans, and we speak strength and vision to them in Jesus Name – that they will stand in their true identity, move in the uniqueness of their God given call, releasing life to the world around them and establishing Your principles upon the earth. We declare Your truth will be released to Your people and through Your people, that every void of understanding will be filled by Your counsel and Your word.

We come into agreement with Proverbs 8:1 “can’t you hear the voice of wisdom? From the tops of the mountains of influence she speaks into the gateways of the glorious city. At the place where pathways merge, at the entrance of every portal, there she stands, ready to impart understanding, shouting aloud to all who enter…”. 

Now Lord, in this season of war, we declare the Parliament of the United Kingdom, will align with the wisdom of Heaven, demonstrating the Kingdom values of honour, righteousness and integrity; that a new level of statesmanship will arise, transforming personal and political agendas; and men and women across all parties will work for the common good, uniting behind God-given vision. We  decree and declare both Houses of Parliament will come into God- Given order, recognising and submitting to Jesus Christ as the Highest Authority in Heaven and Earth, to His word, His truth and His values.

Suzanne Ferrett