In this week of remembrance we thank You for the history of the United Kingdom, for the battles fought and won, and for the leaders You appointed who stood not for heritage or nationalism but for the values and truths of Christian civilisation. We thank You for the courage of those who put their feet upon the beaches of France, building a beachhead and making a way, supported and strengthened by the prayers of a nation.

Lord we decree and declare in this season of the outpouring of Your Spirit, Your people will have eyes to see every new beginning You are releasing in this hour, and we speak courage to them to leave behind what is finished  and to move into what Your Spirit is doing in this day. We declare they will step into every new territory, natural or spiritual You are laying before them, pressing into You for the fullness of Your purpose and plans, recognising and grasping the urgency, scope and opportunity of the battle in the land.

We declare healings and encounters with Jesus will increase, and we decree and declare, as the name of Jesus is lifted over this land, the miracles of the past season will be replaced by new miracles in the future.

Now across this nation we continue to declare:- as a change of prime minister becomes imminent, the person God has appointed for this season will come from the background to the foreground, that they will carry and impart God given vision, that God’s favour will clearly rest upon them – marking them out, strengthening and mantling them for this season. We declare they will listen, speak and act according to the words and strategies of the Spirit of God, uniting the nation and restoring hope.

We decree and declare they will sound a distinct call, and demonstrate vision, skill, Godly wisdom and understanding –  they will lead and others will follow. 1 Corinthians 14: 8; Proverbs 24:3-6


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