Leadership – Monarchy

Leadership – Monarchy

by | Jun 10, 2019 | Leadership

Jesus, we thank You for our Monarchy, for the Royal family  and for the stability they have brought to this land.

We thank You for the life of our Queen, Elizabeth II, and we celebrate her wisdom, righteousness and her heart for You, for her people and for the grace and commitment with which she carries out her duties.  We declare a strengthening and prolonging of her reign, that she might stand in health, strength and righteousness until such a  time as those to follow may do so with the fear of God upon them.

We decree in this nation, royal role models of righteousness will be established and we cry out for divine encounters with the glory of God within the royal households. We release godly dreams, visions and prophetic words into the heart of the royal lines.

We come into agreement with the Coronation Act of 1688, establishing the Coronation Oath, taken by the Kings and Queens of this land, that they will, ‘to the utmost of their power, maintain the Laws of God and the true profession of the Gospel.…’ and, with the  oath made on the occasion of her coronation by Queen Elizabeth 2nd in taking the title, ‘defender of the faith’. We cry out that this title will be ongoing, in promise and in action that the godly leadership displayed by both the Queen and her father, will be continued and multiplied in the generations to come.

Now Lord, we continue to declare, in the Name of Jesus, a fresh alignment of the words and thoughts of our leaders across this land with Your Will. We praise You for the fullness of Your plans for our land, and we declare in this season of shift within Parliament, those and only those appointed by You for this day, will lead this nation, those who will “accomplish all You please.”  We declare they will sound a distinct call, demonstrating vision, skill, Godly wisdom and understanding, that others will follow.


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