Commonwealth Nations 1

Commonwealth Nations 1

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We declare over the United Kingdom and over the Commonwealth – God is re-aligning nations; that the winds of His Spirit are blowing over the lands, and new life giving partnerships and  alignments coming into place.  We decree and declare networks and relationships that have the capacity to bring in the fullness of the Revival and Kingdom Transformation He is opening before us will be established.

We bless all the nations of the Commonwealth from the United Kingdom, that the gifts, callings or resources lost or stolen in the past season will be re-set, recovered & restored, and we bless every new thing God is releasing from the storehouses of Heaven to these lands,  and we agree in this new era, these nations will walk in and enjoy the fullness of their God given purpose and destiny.

  • For more detailed Prayers and Declarations for today, Commonwealth Day, please look at the separate email.
  • You can also can find us live on our Facebook page at 5.30pm, when we will be praying these through.
  • Finally, you are invited to join us this afternoon for a free seminar, called ‘Unpacking Godly Dominion’ starting at 3pm, when I will share on some of these issues in much more detail. You can find more information and the details on how to register to receive your zoom code, by following the link – CLICK HERE

We would love for you to join us.

Be blessed – Suzanne

Suzanne Ferrett


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