Declarations to Shape a Nation Day 10

Declarations to Shape a Nation Day 10

by | Apr 10, 2019 | Government, Media


‘the glory of kings is to search out a matter’ Proverbs 25:2
We come into agreement with Your word in Proverbs 23:2 ‘buy the truth, and do not sell it, also wisdom, instruction and understanding,’ and we decree and declare in this nation, truth – moral, spiritual and factual– will in every dimension of its fullness be visible, respected and desired within every sphere of society.
We specifically decree over all Government & Parliamentary communication and media reporting, the plumb line of truth and righteousness will be released from heaven, clearly separating between truth and lies, fact & fiction, integrity & exaggeration and between Kingdom values and worldly values. Isaiah 28:17, 18
According to Your word in Psalm 145:4” One generation shall declare Your works to another”, so in this day, we decree and declare communities across this land will understand the Godly heritage of the nation, the Biblical foundations under it and the freedoms released through it. We decree the democratic process in this land, will be honoured and respected and our constitution upheld, as the foundational principles built upon God’s word are strengthened and taught across the land.
Now Lord, we come before Your throne concerning the Constitution of this land, and we decree every shift and change taking place at this time will further Your Kingdom purposes, increasing righteousness and aligning the nation according to Your Kingdom plan. We declare media and communities will seek and communicate truth, untainted by personal opinion or political persuasion, that the people in this nation will grow in their understanding of the issues involved and we speak light into every hidden place, in Jesus Name.
We declare righteousness exalts a nation and in the Name of Jesus, we speak righteousness into any and every change taking place, and we declare Kingdom values and Godly order will be established.

NB This is a day to pray, pray and pray some more. Can we remind you that tomorrow, Thursday, is a day of prayer organised by National Call to Prayer.


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