By the blessing of the upright the city is blessed’ Proverbs 11:11

In this Easter season, we thank You Lord for the power of the death and resurrection of Jesus, – and the power of Your Spirit within us. We declare God’s people will have a fresh revelation of the power of faith, ‘the faith that transfers God’s righteousness into our account’, that condemnation is broken and healing released.

We declare according to Romans 4: 6  TPT ‘even King David himself speaks to us regarding the complete wholeness that comes inside a person when God’s powerful declaration of righteousness is heard over their life.’

We thank You for the power of the Easter message to bring hope, life and salvation.

Lord, You are cleansing Your people of all that would restrict, restrain or bring reproach upon them in this day, separating and strengthening.  (take a moment to confess anything the Holy Spirit brings to mind). We praise You Jesus, for the fullness of Your work of salvation in our lives through the cross and for Your triumph over every work of the enemy.

We honour and we celebrate all that’s been done in past times by God’s people across this nation, church planting, mission, transformation and social care, but now we declare God is taking His people back to the very roots and foundations of His gospel; releasing and empowering a people who will move in the mandate of this season – to make disciples of all nations.

We declare Your grace is sufficient, and we decree in this nation every ministry, church or marketplace ministry You have ordained for this season will be funded, resourced and equipped with God given strategies, and connections, that every Kingdom plan and purpose will be fulfilled. We decree in this day of change and uncertainty, the “Name of Jesus will be lifted up, that all people will be drawn to Him.” John 12: 32

Now Lord, we continue to pray for divine wisdom to rest upon every western leader and leader of NATO, in their response to the crisis in the Ukraine. We specifically pray for that divine wisdom to rest upon Boris Johnson, Liz Truss, Military Personnel and all those making decisions concerning the response of the United Kingdom. We declare the United Kingdom will display God’s righteousness, justice, mercy and truth, modelling His wisdom to the nations through every proposal, policy and action

Suzanne Ferrett.


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