The Queen

God we’ve heard about all the glorious miracles you’ve done for our ancestors in days gone by.’ Psalm 44:1

Lord, we thank You for every miracle in times past, we thank You for the revivals, for the reformers, for those who shed their blood for the sake of the gospel.

We thank You for the answers to prayer, for the times You answered the cries of Your people – but Lord in this day, we declare a different sound is being released – it’s the call of Your Spirit to a people to stand, it’s the call of Your Spirit to a people to roar, it’s the call of Your Spirit to a nation to arise.

We declare across our land, You’re people will be willing volunteers in the day of the battle. We declare we will let go of all that restricts and restrains, we will let go of the old that the new can come; that in this day, fear is being replaced by boldness, hesitation by decision and confusion with clarity -in Jesus Name.

Now Lord, on the occasion of her 96th birthday, we pray for our queen. Lord, You bless us that we might bless others and so in the Name of Jesus, we speak blessing over the Queen’s life. We speak health, strength and long life to her and that You would surround her with honour as with a shield. We speak boldness and increased wisdom, that many will be drawn to her in these days.

In 1978 In her Christmas message the Queen used the following words:

“Christians have the compelling example of the life and teaching of Christ and, for myself, I would like nothing better that my grandchildren should hold dear his ideals which have helped and inspired so many previous generations,”

So, in the name of Jesus we come into agreement with the Queen over her wishes for all her grandchildren and great grandchildren, including Prince William and Prince Harry. We speak according to her wishes,

  • that that they will not only hold to Christ’s ideals but know the God from whom they come.
  • that faith in Jesus will lead and guide them, they would know His strength and be the centre of their lives and their inspiration
  • that they should know and understand the gift of reconciliation and the power of forgiveness.

We decree in this nation, royal role models of righteousness will be established and we cry out for divine encounters with the glory of God within the royal households. We release godly dreams, visions and prophetic words into the heart of the royal lines.

Even as “Righteousness exalts a nation”, we declare within our Royal Family, You will raise up those that stand for and acknowledge Your rule and Your righteousness.

Suzanne Ferrett


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