We speak health instead of sickness, life instead of death, prosperity against lack in all matters concerning finance and the economy, and that in these days of shaking, many will turn to Jesus.

In the Name of Jesus, we decree and declare in this nation, from finances to the values of honesty and integrity, “this generation will leave a good inheritance for our children and our children’s children” Proverbs 13:22.

We speak righteousness and honesty into every aspect of financial dealings within our land. We speak wisdom to those struggling with household budgets, peace to those whose incomes have been cut and provision for those in true need.

We thank You for the diversity of perspective and vision within Parliament, and we decree and declare as the MP’s prepare to ‘sit’  next week,  they will align with Heaven’s economic plans for this time, maximising spending power, minimising debt,  rightly dividing between the life & health of individuals, and the economy of the nation.

In the Name of Jesus, we pray for the Ministers, MP’s, Civil servants and all associated advisors, and we declare they will work as a team with humility and mutual respect, that this time will be marked out by a new level of unity and cohesion.

We thank You for Boris Johnson and continue to speak Your strength and health to Him, in Jesus Name. We thank You for all those You called and appointed for this time, we decree and declare they will have the stature, maturity and wisdom for this hour, that we as a nation will not only come through this, but the men and women You appointed for the further task will be positioned to fulfil that further call.

We acknowledge You are the Alpha and the Omega who rules over the nations in love and truth, and that all wisdom comes from You.  We speak Your revelatory wisdom to those who work at the Treasury and the Bank of England – and especially the Chancellor, that all decisions and directives will be according to Your purpose and plan.

We decree and declare in the days ahead businesses, industry and manufacturing will flourish, aided and strengthened by strategic and advantageous trade agreements. We continue to speak reset and restore in the Name of Jesus.

Now, as industries shift and required skills change, we decree the industrial, commercial and business communities within this land, both management and workforce, will embrace every new opportunity Your Spirit is releasing in this day.

Suzanne Ferrett.


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