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“righteousness and justice are the foundations of Your throne, mercy and truth go before Your face”  Psalms 89:14

We declare in this birthing season,  God is building new foundations within our land. We call forth the 5-fold ministers, we call forth the Apostles, we call forth the Prophets and we call forth every gift, anointing and ministry God has prepared for this season. We declare the church of the United Kingdom will be equipped, envisioned and enabled in the days ahead by the revelation of His word and the work of His Spirit.

We praise Him for every aspect of Godly inheritance within this land, we thank Him for Kingdom foundations within our Government, Parliamentary and Democratic systems and we declare they will be recovered, restored and connected to the future, in the Name of Jesus. We declare from the value of human life to the fact that salvation, truth, justice and mercy come through Jesus Christ, will be both remembered and restored, strengthened and supported by the laws of this land, that the power of the Kingdom of God will overwhelm every other value system. We praise and thank Him for the freedoms which based on His word, have also been our inheritance, encompassed in our laws, and impacted the world.

Now over this election, we declare God is sifting, God is shifting and God is positioning those who will lead in the days ahead. We call forth the ecclesia in every constituency, that from town to village, and borough to city, this election will be covered in prayer aligned with the will of Heaven. We declare only those chosen and appointed by God will take their places in the next session of the Commons and we decree a disruption to any plan of the enemy, to appoint those of his choosing.

We decree and declare, this Parliament will be shaped and formed according to God’s design, and we continue to declare this nation will move according to Kingdom purpose and plan.

We declare His Majesty, His Glory and His Kingdom will again blaze across this land.

Suzanne Ferrett


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