Next Generation 2

Next Generation 2

by | Nov 28, 2019 | Elections

According to Your word in Psalm 145:4” One generation shall declare Your works to another”, so, in this new day, in the Name of Jesus, we decree and declare this new generation will understand the Godly heritage of the nation, the Biblical foundations under it and of the principles released through it; that as Your church rises to meet the challenges of the season, every anointing, whether of individuals, generations or land, will be recognised and released.

We decree and declare this is a chosen generation who will pioneer new territory for the Kingdom in all aspects of our society. We thank You for the power of friendship and covenant relationship, and in the Name of Jesus, we speak God given wisdom and protection over our young people. We speak maturity to them in their choice of companions and friends, and we declare relationships formed will be constructive not destructive, that destiny and calling will be released and not delayed.

We decree and declare young people in our nation, towns, churches and families will have an understanding of the times and seasons, and of the power of choice. We speak maturity to them in their political awareness and social engagement.

Now, as You have called this nation to display Your righteousness, in the Name of Jesus, we continue to speak righteousness into every aspect of this election. We decree and declare the plumb line of truth and righteousness will be released from Heaven, specifically over all Party Political and media reporting, clearly separating between truth and lies, fact and fiction, integrity and exaggeration and between Kingdom values and worldly values.

In the Name of Jesus, we declare an increased rising up of those who will pioneer and stand for Godly principles and for the good of the people, and we speak favour and divine revelatory wisdom to them, in Jesus Name.

Suzanne Ferrett


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